Art, Drama and Music

Art, Drama and Music are natural forms of expression and can be a source of great pleasure.

We encourage children to develop their creative and imaginative talents through learning skills and techniques and using a variety of materials and tools. Pupils have opportunities to work with professional artists and crafts people. They learn to appreciate works of art and use artistic language to describe paintings, sculptures and other artefacts.

Music is essentially a practical subject. Children are encouraged to sing, compose and work creatively with sound. Through active listening, pupils’ awareness, understanding and appreciation of a wide variety of music are developed.

A range of opportunities are provided within and beyond the curriculum for children to showcase their musical skills and talents, including dancing and singing competitions and performances in Church and at other venues.  We also offer guitar lessons to Year 6 and whole school violin and piano lessons.

As a school we appreciate and understand the importance of drama within our curriculum. Research reveals that drama had a positive impact on children’s physical, emotional, social and cognitive development. Drama is developed across the whole school in a variety of ways including story-telling, and across the whole school through the input of a specialist drama and dance workshops. Children have opportunity to apply and develop their skills through rehearsal and performance.