English, Reading and Writing


Reading fluently and with understanding is a key aspect to being a successful learner.  Children are provided with many opportunities to read across the curriculum and planning ensures that children have regular opportunities to be exposed to high quality literature.

Children are taught reading in a variety of ways from Reception until the end of Key Stage 1, children have daily small group phonic sessions.  Lessons use the Letter and Sounds materials.  Learning in phonics is further reinforced by The Rigby Star Phonics Reading Scheme which provides opportunities to practice words linked to class lessons.

The children have regular opportunities for Guided Reading Sessions.  During these sessions children’s comprehension, skills and understanding of text features and structure are developed.  It is important that the children also have the opportunity to read for pleasure and explore their own interests.  Children have regular opportunities to choose from a wide range of appropriately levelled fiction books and choose books from this library.  We encourage volunteers and value the time they give to children including additional support and encouragement.  We encourage children to develop their reading skills by reading at home as much as possible.

English – Aural and Oral skills

We aim to help children to listen carefully and to express themselves clearly and appropriately according to the situation.  Phonics is taught using the synthetic approach.  All Key Stage 1 children are taught Phonics on a daily basis using “letters and sounds” materials.  Children in Key Stage 2 still needing to secure phonetic knowledge receive targeted support on a daily basis.  Spelling is taught in a variety of ways. For example time is taken during Literacy for the direct teaching of spelling rules and patterns.

We encourage a ‘hands on’ approach to developing spelling through investigational activities and games.  The children also have their own individual spellings which they are encouraged to learn at home.  The children are tested on these spellings on a regular basis.


We encourage independent writing from the earliest possible stages within a firm structure of basic skills.  A wide range of writing opportunities is provided and teachers demonstrate and share writing regularly during literacy sessions.  The children are encouraged to check and evaluate their work.