Trips and Visits

All children have the opportunity to take part in sporting activities within the school, and with other schools, including local and county tournaments and competitions.  This year the children have been to Quicksticks hockey, the Ludlow Biking Event, swimming galas and netball, hockey and football festivals at local high schools.

All pupils in Key Stage 2 have the opportunity to take part in a residential visit at an Activity Centre. A range of outdoor and adventurous pursuits are

offered including climbing, buggy building, orienteering, and fencing . We value these opportunities for our pupils to participate in physically challenging land and water-based activities, believing they can make an important contribution to children’s personal and social development.

This year KS2 visited York as part of their topic work on Vikings, taking part in a re-enactment at Danelaw, a replica Viking village, and explored “Dig” wh ere they learnt the skills necessary to be an archaeologist. They had the opportunity to excavate their own evidence and put the clues together to find out about the past.  The group also visited the magnificent York Minster and had a guided tour.

Both classes enjoy as many trips out as we can fit in – both curriculum and topic based and also for pure fun.  We link up with our federated schools and this year we have visited Hampton Court, the Judges Lodging at Presteigne, taken part in Young Voices at the Genting Arena and enjoyed the Christmas pantomime at Theatre Severn.